After the Storm at Sheffield Docfest

After the Storm is off to the UK as part of the Sheffield DocFest Interactive Exhibition.

After the Storm is an interactive documentary short created by Alabama film-maker, Andy Grace and ourselves (Helios Design Labs), that documents the before, during, and after of 2011 tornado touch that devastated much of Andy’s hometown of Tuscaloosa. The piece is a sort of audio-visual letter to imagined future disaster survivors, hinging on the concept that one’s experience of catastrophe in any form is at once intensely personal, and universal on a basic primal level.

Sheffield Docfest’s interactive program has grown over the last couple of years from cameo appearance to major role. This is the third year we have had a project that we’ve worked on included in  the festival, previous collaborations being 17,000 Islands (with Thomas Østbye and Edwin), and OFFSHORE (with Brenda Longfellow and Glen Richards) and Short History of Highrise (with Kat Cizek and a cast of thousands).

Hopefully the weather is better this year.