Highrise: Responsive Re-Design


When Helios was asked to design and develop the new Highrise landing page (highrise.nfb.ca) our primary requirements were to make it “work” on all popular devices and use the ever trendy parallax scrolling effect.

We tackled the project with a (buzzword alert) responsive strategy. Meaning the design adjusts—or rather responds—to the screen width. Responsive web design (RWD) has been all the rage in the past while. The appeal: not having to come up with completely separate builds for mobile. For more on RWD see this post in our lab section.

And all that parallaxy goodness? No plugins here: it’s Helios’ own home-grown JavaScript. If you’re curious about how we did it, have a look under the hood at the source code.

For the past few years, Helios has been the “house band” for the National Film Board of Canada’s Emmy-Award-winning HIGHRISE documentary experiment, having recently launched the latest iteration of the project A Short History of the Highrise as well as One Millionth Tower – the world’s first *open-source* HTML5/ WebGL documentary built entirely in code.

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