NSCC Television Campaign

Halifax agency Colour asked us to continue our collaboration in showcasing the benefits of an education from NSCC (Nova Scotia Community College). As in the last campaign we tell the stories of successful NSCC graduates in their own words and animate the results using a different set of styles and techiques for each story.

All of these three animations are constructed out of elements taken from the lives of the graduates.

Lindell is co-founder of CentreLine Studios, a small recording studio that serves as a drop-in for community youth in one of the less privileged parts of Halifax. Alex spent a day with him walking around Uniake neighbourhood and hanging out with the kids he mentors at the studio. We’ve rarely met someone that is as positive and committed as Lindell. Illustrations were done by Jamie Bennett.

Rose was raised by her Mi’kmaw grandparents – an upbringing steeped in traditional language, values and culture. Fiercely passionate about advancing the status of First Nations people, Rose is currently an Economic Development officer for the Paq’tnkek Band. She is also incredibly funny and has one of the most amazing hand-made traditional outfits covered in (obviously) roses.

Anthony took his Mechanical Drafting degree and started a company. For the elements in this spot we took actual CAD drawings of Anthony’s projects and converted them into animated 3d models.