Biology of Story, the interactive documentary from filmmaker Amnon Buchbinder and producer Geneviève Appleton, is more than a collection of stories and larger than an online archive.

The project is a rigorously patterned exploration of the integral role of story in art and life through the insights of over a hundred leading creators, practitioners and thinkers who work with story in a wide range of fields.

It is a non-linear conduit through which to discover the practices by which we work with story and the principles by which story works with us.

The Biology of Story presents a whole new way to think about Story: to understand story as a living thing, and to see living as a story thing.


Biology of Story features over 1200 media items and 60 hours of video interviews accessible through a networked interface. Viewers chart their own path through the infinite possibilities of 118 hierarchically sorted Principles and Practices which define the human relationship to story.

A project on such a massive scale is always exciting for us. Our design and development team worked with Amnon and Geneviève from the earliest development days right through to the project launch at SXSW Interactive. We enjoyed creating an experience that’s simple, beautiful and engaging: a highly-accessible archive, not an overwhelming wealth of content but a branching narrative structure.

Even today, like any good story or living organism, Biology of Story continues to grow and evolve.